Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OMG, we're back again

Yeah, just like that song everybody used to all sing in elementary school. Evan and I are back at sweet Georgia Tech. While Evan is not so happy to be at school again and for his final semester, I am more than willing to go to school as long as it's not Officer Candidate School.

My sleep schedule is about the same as it was while I was in Quantico. I still get tired around 2100 and wake up before my alarm clack and I'm still tired throughout the whole day but can't quite seem to let my body fall asleep. I'm very much eager to start Marine and Battalion PT. I am so much faster now than I have ever been. I made a 300 on my final PFT with an above maximum run time of 20:16 (max is 21:00 min). My goal is to continue that same time plus get faster.

I did have some trouble getting through OCS, but I graduated. And as long as I graduate, people will still call me "ma'am" just like every other female in my platoon, to include the number one candidate. We started out the first day with 64 female candidates in my platoon and we graduated 41. We lost ten the first week due to medical and physical fitness disqualifications. The others that we lost were due to medical reasons, their desire to no longer be a Marine Officer, or various other reasons (such as eating an MRE in the middle of the night). Luckily, I was not one of those who got sent home earlier than when she should have been. I successfully completed the required 44 days stated on my orders.

It was tough--there is no doubt about that. But I did have an experience unlike anyone else I've known. The first reason is that I am female. The second reason is that my staff was female. That had a lot to do with my experience. And for the sake of professionalism, I'm going to leave it at that.

I'm back. I graduated. And I never have to go through that again.