Sunday, March 28, 2010

Enter the Balrog

Hi. I know it says this is posted by "Gothmog". Those of you who know me know why and who that is. Those of you who don't, well I guess it is pretty easy to figure out (click the link). As for why, well, that is a longer story.
Thats me. On the left. Well at least on the Internet.

Anyways, I guess I should talk about wedding stuff here, which is definitely different from my usual blogging habits.

So what to say at 12:47 on a Sunday morning. Well for one, I love Jennifer, even though she thinks I am a total nerd for having the 1st half of this be about Balrogs.

I really don't have much else to say that hasn't already been said on the site. I am tired of waiting for a St. Lukes to process our membership stuff. It was old 2 months ago. Lets get going people. Chop Chop. I would like to get on with planning this thing. Especially the food. And cake. Mmmm Cake. Hmmm Cake.

Well, I will be saying stuff here as often as I have something to say I suppose.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm numb to all things wedding related

It has been three full months since the first time I asked about if the date we wanted at St. Luke's was available. And After three full months we still do not have a dat set. I cannot make any concrete plans unless I have a date set. Without a date, I can only toss around ideas--all hypothetical thoughts. I keep looking at pictures thinking of the possibilities that I could apply to them, but now I am numb. It has been so long without making any plans that I am now no longer feeling any excitement. I am just confused.

I am confused about what I want. I do not know if what I want is actually what I want. Browsing pictures I like so many things that nothing stands out to me. I cannot make all of this happen by myself (Evan is helping, so don't think that it's all on me). I'm just saying that I wish I had someone to tell me what I wanted and it actually be exactly what I really want. I so not want someone to tell me what I "really want" or what I "need." I want someone who truly knows me and understands the feel we are trying to go for. The challenge in that is that we aren't entirely sure of what we want it to be. Probably it is because I like so many things that they cannot be tied together or that I just do not care anymore.

Is a date too much to ask for? Maybe once I have a date, I will feel the excitement again. But right now, I am too numb from all of the pictures and all of the things I want from those pictures to feel a strong liking for one or two of the favorites. I like them all; I dislike them all. Nothing stands out from all of the rest as the one that really speaks to me.

But I never was the little girl that thought and planned her wedding by the age of 8. I don't think that I will ever have a wedding that is my dream wedding. I mean that I am so indecisive that what I want at any given time will be different later than what it would be the decision is made. It's really tough being me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Still waiting...

Yep! That's right. We are still waiting to set a date. Before we can set a date, we have to become members of St. Luke's. We are waiting for St. Luke's to make at least one of us a member. It could be possible to know where we stand on this issue, but we don't hear from them. The only way we find anything out is if we contact them. Several people wonder why are we still trying to get married at this church and why we don't go somewhere else.

Before a few weeks ago, we had only been to the sanctuary on Sundays. We went to the church on a business day to find out what was going on with the paperwork and to look around the church. We got a tour of the church and find out that their reception area is way too small for the amount of people we want to celebrate the beginning of our marriage with. So I went looking around online for sites around Atlanta that would be suitable for a reception. And I think we've found a great place. Once we set a date with the church, then I'll be able to settle a lot more things (one of them will be the reception site)!

Until then, we are still waiting...