Thursday, May 20, 2010

What else floats?

What also floats in water?
No not a duck! GO BACK TWO! There we go! Churches. That is our discussion for today.

Jennifer and I are having to change churches. Essentially St. Luke's has just pushed around to the point we don't want to be there anymore, and they finally set down the 21 ton weight that broke the camel's back.

What happened? Well, Jennifer and I booked the church on the 4th at 2 pm. Paid a $600 deposit (which we are getting back thank goodness) to ensure this. On the 16th of this month we were informed that the churches morning event had to be pushed back and that we would have to have a morning or evening wedding. What is the morning event? A practice for their Sunday Service event on the 5th. And they said there is nothing they can do about it. It would cause problems for too many people apparently. Never mind the following facts
1- 6 and 1/2 months away, people can adjust their calendars this far out to come to practice the weekend before, or Friday evening.
2- They didn't even try to do anything, just told, not asked us, but told us to choose a new time
3- We paid for the time. I wish we had signed something really, just so they'd have to try and break a contract. Bet they would have looked for alternatives then.
4- What about how it would effect all the people coming the our event? Why were we, the people who had paid and church members, we we had to essentially fight to become, and all our guests and family secondary to this?
5- Had I asked for the morning, they would have said no, we have a church event. So why when the event coordinator says they need to change to the afternoon is our wedding not a church event. We are members, and did pay. That should be set in stone.

So yeah, we are changing churches. St Luke's has definitely not made us feel welcome (they made us wait outside in the cold one day since we didn't have an appointment while they let someone else in). And then there was the membership fiasco.

ANYHOW! We are going down to All Saints at the Corner of Peachtree and North Ave.
So instead of the church looking like this
It will look more like this I imagineNotice the difference? Wow! That's right. They cooperate and make us feel welcome at All Saints. Good eye, that's hard to tell from the pictures.

I other news, our cool idea for a Germany Honeymoon was blown apart today by the Navy. Thanks anyways Jaime! We are going to have to stay in the US. I am thinking of going either here or here. That's right! Don't forget the Nuge! And the flag makes that the US right. That's how it works. Pretty sure I learned that in history class. And don't say I can't get to the moon. The picture has a guy in it. So :P

Oh and post in this webzone if you want a pizza roll. I'll mail you a pizza role. I have about 5 left. Get them while they are still hot.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

More introductions

Today, Evan and I met with our officiant, Rev Patricia Grace, from St. Luke's. We made our 04 Dec 2010 date official and discussed what our premarital counseling sessions would be like. We learned a little bit about each other and got answered any questions we had for each other. Overall, it was pretty simple.

One issue she cringed at was that we (especially myself) want two ring bearers and two flower girls. And if you know who those four are going to be, you would not cringe. Instead you would be exceptionally thrilled! My two nieces, nephew, and godson are adorable, kind, and downright wonderful!

Joel "Joey" Hood
I have known Joey all his life (he'll be 5 in July). He is the son of my Maid of Honor, Lindsay. He is super brilliant! He can tell you about dinosaurs, teach you some new vocabulary, and stay entertained for hours. He sings all sorts of songs, including originals. He loves his mommy! He used to bring her "presents" from his playground (rocks, sand). On a recent playdate to the Children's Museum of Atlanta, he played very well with the other children and helped take entertain Cameron.

Cameron Leverette
This is my first and only nephew. He is the son of my older sister Jessi. Cameron is a chubby ball of energy. He is super sweet and almost always smiling. I think the only time he's not smiling is when he's asleep. He loves exploring, learning, and getting dirty. Even though he may be entertained with just a piece of chalk and some sidewalk, his nearly-two-year-old self will just as quickly get up and start running. He runs everywhere; he somehow skipped the stage of walking. He loves my brother Josh. No one or thing else at my house matters until after he's found Josh -- not even a ball, which is saying something.

Kenleigh Turner
Kenleigh is my first niece given to me by my oldest sister Jaime. They currently live in Spangdahlem, Germany. I got the opportunity to visit and stay with for two weeks last Christmas/New Year's. So I got to spend plenty of time with Kenleigh and Jaime then. She was a doll! Sweet, entertaining, talkative, energetic, and fun! I was pretty much constantly laughing at her because she's so funny. And now that she has a baby sister, she does a great job of helping take care of her. I have no doubt that she will also do a great job of helping her sister walk and throw some flower petals (it won't be her first rodeo).

Aislynn Turner
I've never met Aislynn before in person. So, I don't know much about her personality. I know that she is kind of bipolar. I heard her once on the phone where she was crying for attention (and possibly because she was hungry) and then she starts laughing for no real reason other than she's a bipolar baby. Last I heard, she was attempting to crawl on her own. And I think that is good progress towards my demand of her must being able to walk by 04 Dec. Jaime is doing a great job helping her to reach that. But even if she can't walk by Dec, I'm sure Kenleigh will be dragging her sister "Aisawynn" down the aisle either way. Tongue out, eyes open seems to be her signature look.