Thursday, May 19, 2011

April Happened

April started out with Baron's birthday. He turned one year old on the 2nd of April! For his birthday, I got him a 10 pound box of treats, a new Kong toy, a new chew toy, and an itch relief spray since he's got his dermatitis.

I did a little rearranging of the living room in the apartment, just switching the table and the futon. The futon went under the window allowing Baron to have a boost when gazing out the window. He appreciated it.

Later that week was Naval Ball. That was very stressful seeing as how I was the BNCO and needed to know everything about everything that was going on. That included me going to a meeting everyday and making phones calls to each individual who had responsibilities and arranging last minute things that people failed to do when they were first told to do them.

The middle of the next week my sister arrived with my nieces from Germany. My mom drove up to Delaware where they flew into to get them. From Delaware, they drove back down to Milledgeville, GA.

After that, I went home on the weekend. We had a good ole time with both my sisters and my nieces and nephew all together. And of course, Josh and my mom were there too. The Monday following, my sister flew back to Germany and left the nieces behind.

The next weekend was Earth Day celebration stuff. So we went down to the river walk and walked around, played on the bouncy castle, and climbed GMC's obstacles. The next day was Easter. So we all went to church, all dressed up of course. It was very nice to see everyone at St. Stephen's again.

The last week in April was "Dead Week" at GT. In the middle of the week, my computer's hard drive stops properly functioning. I still had two papers to get done (one of them was 20 pages) and then I still had to study for two finals the next week. Luckily, my mom let me use her netbook so I could get done what I needed to. But along with the hard drive, went all my pictures and music. So, I don't have pictures to imbed in this post but I will share with you the photo album on facebook.