Monday, July 3, 2017

What's in my car?

Driving 2 vehicles across country can pose it's challenges, but they are generally mild. You must juggle refueling and maintain speeds so you can stay together, mostly. But throw in 2 small children in one car and a dog in the other, and you've got a show fit for a circus.
The front has essentials for us: food, medicine, cameras, and water. The middle has plenty of entertainment for both the kids. Also has the trash bag intended for Gabe to put his own trash. Whether or not he can actually reach it, he says he can't and that I must put his trash in the bag. They have their water bottles in their seats. Books at Gabriel's feet. The back has their suitcase, the pack 'n play, the dirty clothes bag, and the cooler (now after some rearranging between the cars).

It is a great setup. If we get separated from Evan, the kids are set for survival without him if we ever have to split from him. But someone could convince them that they are fine back there and that would make my job easier.

We wake up each morning, get dressed, eat breakfast in the hotel (that's a different story), pack up and load the car, then hit the road. I have not even put the car in reverse before either one asks for a snack. Seriously. They just ate and ask me for food. Sometimes I prolong giving them food by telling them to wait until we get going, or after our first stop, or after a time on the clock. Gabriel is great at remembering I promised him food, so he usually asks continually until I give them food. And once one has a snack, the other asks for food too.

We have to play some sort of game or else it is a bunch of questions on where we are and if we are in VA yet. So, I taught him 20 Questions. And it has been pretty fun. He thinks of some objects that are not around except for in his head. It is fascinating to figure out what he was thinking of (think "constellations," "whales"). We also play games of "Eye Spy," "What Do These Numbers Add Up To?", "What Letter Makes This Sound?", and a fun-for-Gabriel game that is what I call "Crying Wolf" that came about when he had the walkie-talkie and I needed it urgently to speak to Evan. I asked then demanded it back and he thought it was hilarious to hand me other objects from the backseat. So, we play that game sometimes now and I know it's a game.

Most of my time is spent between the kids. Getting them food, water, and toys they can't reach. If I am swerving on the road it is because I'm trying to reach it too. Oh, navigating too. Evan and I usually switch daily on who is lead car. It had been 10 minutes? More food please! Gabriel did you go potty before we left the hotel? YES! I you need to go potty? NO! Can I have more to eat? Can you give me the tablet? Daddy?! Banor! Gone? Snack! Mommy, I need to go potty. Hey, Evan, we need to pull over. Can I take my blanket? No, it's too hot. But I need it to stay warm! No, you'll get germs on it. Oh. Can I take the tablet? No. Can I take a picture? No, people don't like their picture taken in the bathroom.

And that's the first 30 minutes.