Thursday, June 4, 2015

If it is called Yellowstone, why are none of the rocks painted?

WE MADE IT TO THE PROMISE LAND! We are safe and sound in Monterey, CA. BUT I guess I need to fill you in on our journey here first!

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Last I left off we had reached Yellowstone!
We had AWESOME TRAFFIC when we got there, and after an hour and a half to go 21 miles and get checked in at camp, we were too tired to do much else.

SO Gabe woke up at 5:45 the next day and we got rolling. We had all day to see the park and get to the Grand Tetons. Shouldn't be too bad right? Wrong. The park is literally over 2 million acres. And it is all between 35 and 45 mph.
All told, we did over 200 miles in the park alone. Orange is where we drove.
So good thing Gabe got up super early.
First stop was Old Faithful. It was actually the closest to us in the park, but we would have to circumnavigate the entire park before the day was done.
Okay. so with Old Faithful out of the way we proceeded on our odyssey through Yellowstone.
Gabriel really like walking through the steam, but had to ride on my shoulders so he would not go off running into the boiling pits of death.
Disorienting isn't it
The longest division I've ever had to do.
Apparently there is something more interesting elsewhere
That's better
He decided climbing up and sitting on my head was better than my shoulders
Reminds me of this.
I'm so impressed

Somehow it managed to be decent weather for us. Of course, though, that would not last once we reached the Grand Tetons, but that is a tale for another time.
This might as well have been my visibility...

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  1. That car on fire really got my attention. I can't get out and go anywhere so it was nice reading your blog.