Sunday, April 21, 2013

The movers are coming, the movers are coming!

One if by land... they aren't coming by sea, so it will just be one by land. As well, for some reason, Paul Revere's ride seems more heroic than if I did it.

Probably because the movers aren't Redcoats.

Anyway today was spent (and is ongoing) getting ready for the movers to come TOMORROW. A lot of last minute packing and cleaning. Fortunately we have Japanese movers who I imagine are extremely efficient at packing.

Tomorrow is going to be crappy and hectic I imagine. Jennifer will likely be like this (graphic) and I will likely be like this (not so graphic).

I probably shouldn't even blogging right now, and should be actively cleaning/packing, but I am a world renowned expert on procrastination.
I guess I kinda found a picture for it now... oops
While tomorrow is going to stink, unpacking on the other end is always just as bad. Houses end up exploding.

Well I am going to keep this short and to the point. Likely when Jennifer learns I wasted time doing this, I can be found in a position such as the ostrich.

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