Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Florida or Bust

So this week I finally wrap up my school and head down to Florida. Some 2 months after leaving Japan we will finally reach the end of our journey (so long as eagles don't carry me away too).

Now I am not the biggest fan of Florida.

Though I am sure that Jacksonville/Mayport is alot nicer than Central Florida, which I think had Dante Alighieri know about in the 1200's, one of the levels of Hell would have been located somewhere around there.
 Charon ferries you across the St. John's River

I have heard good things from alot of people, and it seems to be regarded as one of the hidden treasures of the Navy, with good neighborhoods and just a nice place to live.

The only thing is that we still need to find a place to live. Been kinda browsing online, but I was hoping for something like this for Jennifer and I:

And this for Gabe:
Seems Legit
I am looking forward to getting all of our stuff back, though not unpacking. I am afraid the contents of the house will just explode everywhere. And then I have to go back to work for real.

I'll try to keep everyone updated a little more and keep bringing the laughs.

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