Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First day back in FL... And I spend it at the DMV

So Jennifer, Gabe, Baron and myself got to Florida on Tuesday evening, looking a little something like this

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Jennifer, Baron, that lady we picked up hitchhiking outside the GA State Penitentiary, Evan, Gabe

Anyways, it was late so we got checked into our hotel

They had 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.

And looked forward to a new day finding homes and taking car of business. A bright future seemed to lay before us.

Unfortunately it didn't.

At 2 AM I got to relearn why you don't give the dog another bowl of water before going to bed.

Then, after a night of Gabe's never ending stream of crying (he must've figured out we were in Florida), I got to get up at 6 AM to enjoy our hotel's free breakfast.

Let's just say it left something to be desired. The knife in the head was a mercy killing.
Well after eating some tums and pepto, I got my first task of the day- drive to the DMV and register Jennifer's car in Florida. Oh boy.

So I got to drive Jennifer's new car that I bought to the DMV

And when I get there the building says in big bold letters on the front: TAX COLLECTOR

I go inside and wait my turn. Sense it is both a DMV and a Tax Collector, I imagine people avoid it like the plague and so I actually don't have to wait too long. Unfortunately I am promptly told that my trip was all for naught, because the delearship put both Jennifer and I on the title, even though I was the only one on the financing. SO I get the joy of driving back to the hotel, picking up Jennifer and Gabe and returning to the DMV. Exciting.

Once I pick up Jennifer, it is determined that we require lunch because we are hungry. Or rather I am hungry and could do lunch before or after the DMV. Jennifer on the other hand...

Ravenous is probably a better word.
We then got to go back to the DMV and fork over a large sum of money for sales tax and registration and get a license plate.

Then we spent the rest of the day finding out a whole bunch of the listings we had been looking at were already gone and having to do our research all over again.

Wish us better luck tomorrow.

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  1. The perfect beginning to a perfect new life.