Monday, June 19, 2017

Volcanoes, Volcanoes, Volcanoes: Final Chapter of our Journey TO Monterey!

This is Update #11 on our 2015 GRAND CROSS COUNTRY ADVENTURE.
For previous installments CLICK HERE!!!

So yesterday I left off with us in Oregon having come though the vast nothingness of Idaho. But remember in Idaho we had stop one of our Volcano Grand Tour! Craters of the Moon national park, aka Pumice Stones R Us.
Tommy Lee has nothing on us.
Well entering Northern CA we continued on with this part of the journey, first up Crater Lake, or as Gabe called it "A swimming pool with a volcano island"

With this stop, Garbiel got to play in snow for the first time EVER!!! Mind you this was June too.
He wanted to keep playing in the snow, but his hands "burned" and he didn't know what to do.
Someone skied down this while we were there. As I learned from an Australian I only remember as "Bruce" at Ski Dubai once: "Shred where ever you are at brah"
It is important he show you his car.

Because thats the ideal pet to take to National Parks. Goats. Not like they destroy vegetation or anything.
I swear he said "The night is dark and full of terrors, old man, but the fire burns them all away."
After a volcano pool came a volcano bed, or rather Lava Beds National Monument/Park (I forget which and am too lazy to google it. Sue me), which was really just another branch of Pumice Stones R Us. 
So its a monument. But I am still to lazy to go change that above. Be satisfied with the knowledge that riddle is solved.
Gabe exploring "Caves"

Found a "Cave"
Found another "Cave"

We went from there to Lassen Volcano National Park, which was really another big snowy rock WHICH WAS HIDDEN IN THE CLOUDS! LIKE EVER SINGLE OTHER MOUNTAIN ON OUR TRIP!
Yes dear, that is a big rock.

This is a debris field from the last eruption.
This forest was killed by the Volcano IIRC. Either way, good location for Blair Witch 3: The Volcano Witch
Come to CA they said, the Summers are great they said. Golden State they call it.
From there we just drove onto Monterey, where we proceeded to live for the next two years. Yay. 


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