Monday, June 19, 2017

Moving again... I guess I should finish up the last journey first...

This is Update #10 on our 2015 GRAND CROSS COUNTRY ADVENTURE.
For previous installments CLICK HERE!!!

Well, the time is upon the Valdyke clan once more to pack up and head out on another grand adventure. Finally, Eastward bound!

To California, I say "Good Riddance"

I will surely wax poetic on our time here in the "Golden State" (by which they mean dead grass because it never rains...), but that is for another time. I realize I must first regale you with the final chapter of our tale from last time...

We had just left Yellowstone and were Grand Teton Bound... not that we could tell

Essentially that was our view of the majestic Grand Tetons. Can't you see the majesty. Just sooooo much of it. Oh, it also rained on us there... just like it had in the badlands... and black hills... an Mt Rushmore... and like 90% of our last trip.

From there we continued onto the high desert....
SO we went from seeing nothing to having nothing to see. It really is just vast emptiness. We did stop at the first site that ever had Nuclear Power, EBR-1, which was pretty neat. Especially since after Fukishima and visiting Nagasaki and Hiroshima, I didn't glow green enough. They also had two rail cars with Nuclear Powered Jet Engines on them
Gabe, go play on those jungle gyms

We wanted to lick it but couldn't get in...

Gabe, come help me run this 
Yes, pull out all the rods Gabe
Standing on top of a reactor 
Which is the perfect place to rest. We can even lick this one!

After I explain radiation to everyone
After our adventures in Roentgen Land (which I still feel is better than Disney)  we continued on through the wasteland that is Idaho
And went to Craters of the Moon national park, stop one of our west coast Volcano Tour!
Its like something from a Dr. Seuss nightmare.

You can tell just how excited Gabe was to see a bunch of rocks. Also how excited Jennifer was given the number of pictures she was in there.
After Idaho we moved onto Oregon. Let me tell you I see why the game is Oregon Trail and not Idaho Trail, that's for sure. Speaking of which, we saw the Oregon Trail
We come all this way and all he cares about is an ant?
And from there we saw Mt. Rainier and Cascade Gorge, where I drowned many a time playing the Oregon Trail

Gabriel needed to see a train. He said he was okay to wait for it.
Visiting Family in Portland
We then drove up the coast. We WANTED to go see Mt. Saint Helens... BUT RAIN AND FOG STARTED ROLLING IN. So instead we went to Lewis and Clarke National Monument and Astoria Oregon

The Goonies House
More Family in Salem!
He had to sleep with the toy
I swear we are almost to Monterey (remember, I am writing this because I am about to leave there), but that will have to be for next time. This post is just getting a little too long and I am all out of jokes

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