Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Momentous Memorial Day Monuments

Such patrician nobility.
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Last I left off we had crossed through the Badlands.
What a lovely day indeed...

We then set off this morning into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Our first stop was BEAR COUNTRY USA!
Traffic jam with a view
Roll 'em up
The questioned finally answered. No, they do not in the woods. They do it in the road.
Baron, you would loose.
It was pretty cool to see animals in their not natural habitat. And the Bear Pen was like 87 bears. And they had another area for more bears. What we drove through must've been like the "yard" at a jail and the other area just containment. BUT IT WAS A LOT OF BEARS.

We continued to explore the Black Hills (the black heads of SD)
You decide what is special about the forest.
The dangers of 70mph photography
As an Engineer, this was the coolest thing in the forest.
While the scenery was awesome, we were on a quest to reach Mt. Rushmore before it became too busy and the weather came crumbling down upon us. What was particularly awesome was my National Park Annual Pass got me jack squat and I still had to pay for parking. Sure I got mine for free as the military one, but even the normal annual pass that you pay over $100 for does diddly.
Like filming a car commercial for Enterprise or something
Gabriel C. Valdyke declares his bid for Presidency under the Bull Moose Party
He did his best impression of Washington 
Grumpy face
Happy face
What would a lineup be without a profile?
What you really see at Rushmore is a rush of more people than you thought would fit into the park. 
After Rushmore we proceeded to the Crazy Horse Monument.
This will eventually be cooler than Mt. Rushmore IMO. Unfortunately I'll probably be dead before they even get done with the head at this rate, seeing as they started in the 40's
I am such a rebel, grabbing that sign like that.
Well, only one of us was prepared.
If the monument was this, you could color me impressed. This looks like it is missing from Vegas. Nipples and all.
And after the crazy horse monument we drove on through WYOMING. For a good while Gabriel asked for chicken instead of going back to sleep.
Vast nothingness
The roads are red. Why are the roads red?
These antelope seem to be grazing and not playing as I was led to believe they did in the 2nd grade.
Not the film festival or the cowboy.
Ah, the wild lamas of Wyoming. 
Look dad, a field of baby cows.
And our last, and coolest stop for the day was Devil's Tower.
Our first view was pretty depressing, so just like in the Badlands I commanded the rain to go away.
And it did
I am a titan amongst men, I control the weather.
Anticipating a close encounter...
Look, I have a tractor.
These guys have been parked out in front of the tower for over 200 years. Hundreds of holes. I guess they are waiting for the mothership to return.

There were two other parks I wanted to see. Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monument. I was pulling for them but...
Voting in the car
Unfortunately both of them ALSO required extra charges, despite an annual pass, and to enter the cave you had to take a tour, all of which were at least an hour long!
My vote changed upon learning that.
We ended the day in Sheridan WY, apparently the king of the cowboy towns.
I wonder if you get Extra Virgin Bison Oil on the first press.
 Tomorrow, we venture forth to Yellowstone.

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