Saturday, May 16, 2015

Well that was painful... but at least I went to Legoland

Update #3 of our grand cross country adventure.
Update #2 here, and #1 here.

Well, we did it and got out of Jacksonville. And what an experience that was.

Two days of pain... I mean packing. Let me see if I can sum it up for you without using explicit language.

So we had two days of moving. The first day we had a team of "26 year professionals" show up to pack our stuff into boxes.
Don't worry I am a professional...
Then next day we had the dream team show up to load our stuff into the truck. Which didn't really have enough space. These guys had to work miracles to make everything stack and fit the correct way.

And our "professionals" packed our boxes like bags of Doritos (90% air), which meant we had too many to fit. In the end our mattresses and several boxes ended up on the back of the moving truck in a crate.
But in the end they got out of there.

Unfortunately that was not the end of a long and complicated ordeal (I specifically choose this word over "day". It really hits the essence of my "Escape from Jacksonville")
So days before I had made arrangements for two events to happen.
1- Steam Clean my carpets (which the $35.99 deal on the flyer turned into $225 with all the additional pet stuff, talk about misrepresentation)
2- Final inspection of the house.

When these were arranged it was made clear there would be movers. However, these two things still got set up for the morning because it would be "fine".
Neither were.

I at least got to set up the carpet cleaning again for later in the day. But the home inspection did not occur again. However I was told to leave the keys and such in a drop box at the main office of our rental company.
Not the actual box, but it might as well have been for all the good it did me.
As you can imagine from the picture above, they did not fit. A few hours, phone calls and a stop at Panda Express later I ended up keeping my Garage Openers to mail later and jimmying the keys into the box.

So I finally got to Orlando, where things did get better. You can read what Jennifer thought of legoland in the last post.

Basically, it is one of the coolest places on Earth. The only lament I truly have is not having the money or space to buy more awesome legos.

It was great because it was super fun for Gabe. He even got to ride a train multiple times, which is one of the truly greatest things in the world to him.
Featuring Daniel Craig as Gabriel.

Okay maybe it was a little more like this.
But it was still a blast to see him have fun. And maybe it was a little fun for me too, seeing all the really cool lego stuff.
Perfect wardrobe execution IMO
Biggest let down of the day. There is a 10 minute countdown just for some smoke to fizz out. Launching a wet bottlerocket is more exciting.
Wrapped up the night with my Brother showing up unexpectedly, which was pretty cool of him to do. Later that night he, my dad and I went to see Mad Max Fury Road. WHICH WAS MADE OF AMAZING.
Gabe's new lullaby music.

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