Monday, May 25, 2015

South Dakota = Rain

Badlands? More like BADA$$LANDS now!
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Last we left off, we had visited a million little sites across the midwest.
We finally did get those silos.
The most unfortunate name for a gas station. Makes you re-think "Turn on the pump"
Today we started out in Sioux Falls. After eating the most lack luster breakfast imaginable... actually I am going to pause here to vent about breakfast
1- The only eggs were prefabricated discs of yellow or icecold hardboiled eggs.
2- The had sausage gravy. Normally this is a good thing, but normally I would be eating this in the South. South Dakota is taking the "South" part of its name a little to seriously to pull this off. It wouldn't be so bad if they had sausage as well, but
3- They had no sausage, bacon or potatoes.
4- They only had apple jelly, which came out in blocks since it had more than likely come out of the freezer.
Sure this was a free "continental breakfast", but that continent did not have to be Africa where no one has anything to eat.

Everyone was excited to get back in the car for another fun filled day of driving.
Moving on from there our first stop was the "World's only CORN PALACE!" There is probably a reason for that, so I wouldn't brag too much there Mitchell, SD.
Fortunately for us it was being renovated. YAY!
We left there and then pretty much had to drive clear across a state that has more telephone poles than trees and more cows than humans. Along the way we had to cross the Missouri River and stop for lunch.

All he has wanted since Milledgeville is Chicken...

But we did finally make it to someplace I have been looking forward to visiting for over a month now: Minuteman National Historic Site.
Unfortunately they start their season ON Memorial day, and not the day before. You know, during this thing called "the holiday weekend" that people tend to travel on and visit places.
We also stopped at a cool lookout along side of the road to look out over Buffalo Gap National Grasslands (even though there are no Buffalo in North America, only Bison. Way to go forestry service. I guess this is the "Gap" referred to in the name).
While there it was so cold I had to change from shorts to jeans.
SO we then went on to the actual Badlands. Where it started out with miserable weather. So what I thought was going to be this:

Turned out to be this.
I commanded the weather to improve though and fortunately it did some (AND I GOT A STAMP. Thanks Badlands *looks menacingly at Minuteman). A TON OF PICTURES AHEAD!
The only good snake is a dead snake

The Badlands were made for Panoramas. 

Had to clean his face off for his GQ photoshoot
Most of the photos were taken by Jennifer. From a moving vehicle.
We had another family photo where Gabe got his glamour shot. Unfortunately it came out as clear as the tax code.
That is the weather held until it decided to go BLEH
Sign: Scenic view here. Guy "Wow, what a lovely fog bank"
Well tomorrow we have a ton of things to do from Mount Rushmore to Devil's Tower.


  1. There are mountain goats in that last photo. Two adults (lighter in color and standing) and two kids (darker and lying down).

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