Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Packing Sucks

Why on God's green earth would you want to pack things.
Packing sucks. Probably why you only have 2 super bowl championships.

Well today is the big day the packers come. Tomorrow we load up our house and hit the road.

I guess this is update #1 of our Great Adventure.

(or actually kinda read about it here)

We are going to Orlando first. We have a few objectives while there.
1- Pick our son back up (I guess it is important that we take him to CA. Plus the kennel can't keep him forever).
2- Go to Legoland. I imagine it will be EXACTLY LIKE THIS.
3- Go to Seaworld. I imagine it will be EXACTLY LIKE THIS.
(For more on how I feel about theme parks, check out this old post)
4- Vacuum the car. Otherwise it will likely look more like Dagobah than a Chevy Equinox by the time we are done with our 2 week journey of a Gajillion miles.
5- Buy a campstove. I am hoping to get something on the order of this
Imagine roasting marshmallows over this baby. 
6- Drink as much sweet tea as possible. Biggest downcheck for California is their complete lack of sweet tea. You'd have better luck finding water in the Sahara
Hmm. None here either, maybe I should check the Great Pit of Carkoon.

Well, I should get some sleep. Have to rise early to get this show on the road. Packing awaits.

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